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Mastering the Problem Space at Mind the Product San Francisco

By July 21, 2018Speaking

Dan Olsen at Mind The Product San Francisco
I had a great time speaking at Mind the Product San Francisco to over 1,600 product people at Davies Symphony Hall. I was excited to share advice from my book The Lean Product Playbook on how to master the problem space to achieve product-market fit. Here are my slides. I’ll share the video of my talk once it’s available. You can check out other talks I’ve given on my Speaking page. And you can sign up for my email list if you’d like to receive updates from me.

Dan Olsen

Product consultant and author.

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    As product managers it is our job to answer the question how will our product be the best? by focusing on the problem, always ensuring our work ties back to the problem space and the customer need, and avoiding solution pollution. Watch the full video for many more examples and practical takeaways on how to do this well!

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