• Do you need help creating great products?
  • Do you need help prioritizing and planning what features to build?
  • Is your product as well-designed and easy to use as you would like?
  • Does your company need help understanding users or marketing your product?
  • Are you tracking and optimizing the key metrics for your business?
  • Would you like to learn and apply best practices in all these areas?

With 20 years of high-tech product management experience, Olsen Solutions’ Principal Consultant, Dan Olsen, has helped many clients improve their product and business results. Mr. Olsen offers clients a unique combination of technical, product, marketing, business skills and experience. His approach to problem-solving and optimization is rigorous, analytical, and cross-functional, spanning from high-level strategy to tactical details.

Most Olsen Solutions’ clients are B2C and B2B companies building web or mobile products. Whether your company needs an interim VP of Product Management or has a specific short-term project need, Olsen Solutions can help. Olsen Solutions tailors each consulting engagement to meet each client’s specific needs.

You’re in Great Company

I’ve helped many companies build great products and strong product teams.